Why it never hurts to fork out for a pair of shoes

You’ve probably heard of The Barefoot Investor before. Pre-sales for his upcoming book have already surpassed the final instalment of the Harry Potter series. But here’s why you don’t have to tread down the tricky path towards financial independence barefoot and all by yourself.


5 Common Credit Card Traps

Credit card providers love to use all kinds of incentives to get you to put that shiny piece of plastic into your wallet, ripe for usage at your weaker moments. Here’s how to avoid getting snared in credit card debt.


What is debt recycling?

We all know that recycling is great for the environment. But debt recycling? Well, if done right, that could be great for your own little patch of planet earth.

Financial Advisers

How to move house like a boss

Back-breaking furniture, perilously narrow staircases and chipped crockery – the idea of moving house strikes fear into the hearts of most. But with careful planning it doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Mortgage Brokers

We’ve got your back

It’s no secret that the banking royal commission has shone a light on serious misconduct and poor lending standards by some of Australia’s biggest banks. So we thought it was a good time to address the proverbial elephant in the room and set the record straight.


Could you benefit from salary sacrificing?

Keen for a new laptop, car, or even an airport lounge membership? Sick of putting your hand in your pocket for school fees, the rent or your mortgage? All of these things could be paid for through a salary sacrifice arrangement.


What makes your debt tax deductible?

There are two kinds of debt in this world: the kind that is tax deductible and the kind that isn’t. Knowing the difference, and planning your purchases accordingly, can significantly improve your cashflow, opportunities and overall financial position.


How to perform a credit health check

Significant changes have been made to Australia’s credit reporting rules, with a new Comprehensive Credit Reporting regime (CCR) coming into effect in the new financial year. Which means now is as good a time as ever to perform a credit check.


Don’t get tripped up by these scams

They say a fool and their money are easily parted. But with how sophisticated scams are becoming nowadays, it’s no longer just fools who are being duped. Here’s how to spot a scam in the digital day and age.


What you need to know before buying your first home

If you had a roadmap for life, buying your first property would fall somewhere around getting married and having your first child. You spend hours upon hours researching up on the first two, so it only makes sense to do a bit of homework on this one, too.


What to consider ahead of retirement

If you’re a soon-to-be retiree, you can be forgiven for thinking you’ve been a little hard done by with regards to retirement planning schemes. Rest assured there’s still time to ensure a comfortable retirement.


Negotiating a settlement period

In a perfect world you select a property to buy, complete with white picket fence, and the settlement goes through on the agreed date without a hitch. But as we all know, we don’t live in a perfect world.


Holiday finances checklist

Your bags are packed, your visas are confirmed, and your immunisations are up-to-date. But have you made sure you won’t be charged an arm and a leg during the trip?


The risks associated with payday loans

We’ve all seen the movies where the luckless protagonist borrows money from a remorseless loanshark and is warned they’ll lose a finger each day they’re overdue. Fortunately, us Australians have more civilized short-notice borrowing options, but they’re not without their risks.