Five legit ways to earn more positive online reviews for your business

Online reviews are today’s word-of-mouth, but if you want to become a trending topic you need to be part of the conversation first.

Thanks to social media, everyone now wields an incredible amount of power online.

The good news is that multiple studies show that consumers consider online reviews as powerful as personal recommendations, so here are five legitimate ways to gain more positive reviews.

1. Ask

Yes, that old chestnut.

It’s a truism that has stood the test of time, and simply requires you to be upfront with your clients.

As long as you’ve done a good job, they won’t be annoyed when you ask for it either.

Chances are they’re in business themselves and might just ask you to return the favour.

2. Make it easy

Establish profiles for yourself on all of the major review sites that are popular where you are.

Facebook, Google Local, Tripadvisor and Expedia all come to mind, but there may be several more niche platforms that you need to have a presence on. Do some research into what platform your customers use most.

Follow up with recent clients to ask for a review, and be sure to include a link to all of your profiles online.

3. Incentivise

Humans are notoriously time-poor so remember that leaving a review is taking up a tiny slice of their precious day. Also, don’t be disheartened when hundreds of former clients don’t come rushing in to write five-star reviews.

To get people over the line, consider offering an incentive. This can be in the form of bonus content, a reward for referral, or an opportunity to win something.

However, walk this line carefully and be sure that your customers understand that the offer is for a review, not a positive review.

4. Thank reviewers

Whenever someone does you a favour by reviewing you online, try and thank them.

It’s good business karma, and in this case, is likely to result in more future reviews, which is exactly what you want.

If you’re feeling generous, post a discount code or something similar on a random reviewer. This will ensure that more people will take the time to tell others about your service online, immediately boosting your search-ability.

5. Act on negative reviews

When you solicit reviews, don’t expect them all to be positive.

By the same token, don’t let negative ones get you down. Instead, do everything you can to turn it around.

When customers see that you’re acting on a complaint, they’ll be more likely to consider the negative review a one-off rather than the rule. They’ll also be more likely to leave a future review themselves once the problem is corrected.

Either way, always remember to take the emotion out of it and consider it an opportunity to improve.

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