Snag a sizzling EOFY home loan bargain

Computers, whitegoods, furniture – they’re just some of the goods you’re used to seeing end-of-financial-year deals on. But did you know you can also snag a red-hot home loan deal?

Back in the old days, companies would conduct an end-of-financial-year (EOFY) sale to move as much stock before the financial year closed.

Basically, it helped them to conduct their stocktake.

However, as almost everything is automated nowadays, the EOFY sale is more of a marketing date on most companies’ calendars. And you can take advantage of that on the home front.

There are numerous reputable lenders out there offering great home loan (and car financing) deals before the June 30 cut-off.

Why is an EOFY home loan bargain check important?

More than eight out of ten Australians don’t know the interest rate they’re paying on their home loan, according to research by a subsidiary of NAB.

That’s pretty unbelievable. And it means that most families don’t know whether they’re getting a good deal on their home loan or paying too much.

By not revisiting your home loan conditions you could be missing the opportunity to save money on changed loan terms and interest rates, or the opportunity to invest any additional cash in repaying your loan faster.

That’s why an annual home loan health check is so important – and the EOFY is one of the best times to conduct that check.

What does an EOFY bargain check involve?

An EOFY home loan check is a simple 20-30 minute discussion we’ll have together to discuss your mortgage situation. Basically, we want to make sure that it’s still the best one out there for you.

We’ll then shop around on your behalf and see if we can find a great deal out there before the EOFY bargain season expires.

How much better off will I be with a EOFY sale home loan?

Well, that’s going to depend on your individual situation and the current home loan you have.

The best way to find out is to organise a half hour chat with us. That way we can go through your circumstances and find a great deal for you.

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